Due to business trips or training, Emmanuelle or another teacher may sometimes be replaced for her classes.
If you wish to be informed of any changes in the schedule you can ask to join the WhatsApp group “Pure Nature Yoga”, you will receive regular updates.

Please find the monthly schedule on the french page of the website, you can contact us for any question.


Contact Emmanuelle 06 43 12 87 13 for any information, lessons are accessible to all: beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. English spoken 🙏☺️

Contact details of your teachers:

Emmanuelle Ménard, Professeur diplômée des centres de Yoga Sivananda 0643128713

Emilie Jacomet Professeur diplômée des centres de Yoga Sivananda 06 74 08 65 27 – Website: Accueil | Yoga with Jack (emiliejacomet.wixsite.com)

Frédéric Jochem, Professeur de Kundalini Yoga diplômé des Centres  «3HO ~ Kundalini Research Institut» sur Whatsapp: 00 1 (917) 545 3368 – Website: yoga-illumina.com – Professeur de Yoga Kundalini certifié K.R.I.

Claire Maulavé, Professeur de Yoga, diplômée en Intégral Vinyasa Yoga, formation de 300 heures de Sreemati, et Naturopathe 06 18 21 31 10 – Site internet: La ressource naturelle by Claire

Emilie Boucheseiche, Professeur de Kundalini Yoga diplômée à Amrit Sarovar 06 26 34 49 64

Stéphanie Kirsh, Professeur de Pilates, 06 59 63 95 74

Lydia Dejugnac, Professeur diplômée des centres de Yoga Sivananda 07 50 94 85 39

Marine Epineau, Professeur diplômée des centres de Yoga Sivananda 06 59 66 06 76

Yacine Bouziane, Professeur diplômée des centres de Yoga Sivananda 06 28 09 14 25

Stéphanie Wietrich, Professeur de Yoga, diplômée au standards de Yoga Alliance 06 81 80 93 26

Stéphanie Lerat, Professeur de Yoga pour les enfants Magic Yoga Kids 06 31 11 72 73

Marina Grangens, coach sportif diplômée d’état, 06 59 63 58 77


Group Classes

Pure Nature Yoga

Pure Nature Yoga is a place that hosts Yoga classes given by Emmanuelle Menard, Yoga teacher and director of the place, and a team of recognized teachers, located at the Jardin de la Piboule in Cogolin, Yann Menard’s organic farm where he grows fruits and vegetables.

The Yoga Teachers who offer their classes here are aware of the benefits of practicing outside in this natural setting – under the shade of trees in sunny weather, under a pergola in case of strong wind or rain.

Emmanuelle believes that Nature rejuvenates us as much as Yoga and practicing Yoga in a garden designed for this purpose allows students to access the benefits of breathing in the open air, to contemplate the beauty of trees and flowers, to hear the birdsong and the wind in the trees, to be connected to the seasons.

Emmanuelle, Yoga teacher and wife of Yann Menard, wanted to create a place in the heart of nature designed for Yoga in which anyone coming to take a class can also feel all the well-being from being in nature, feel a mind and body lift, refresh and reguveration.