About me, Emmanuelle Ménard, Yoga teacher:

I graduated at the Sivananda Yoga Center Teacher Training Course in France then at the Advanced Teacher Training Course in India in 2011 and I have been teaching Yoga since. Yoga is my philosophy of life. 
Passionate about the art of Yoga, I am at your disposal for group and private Yoga classes. 
Group and private classes are a work together over time to help you achieve your goals in Yoga, to help you thrive in your life and evolve to become independent in your Yoga practice. 
It is with my passion for Yoga, my kindness and desire to make you progress in your practice that I guide you during the sessions.
My goal is to bring you the techniques and philosophy of Yoga in your life to make you feel good every day. 
I know the value of time and I am aware of the importance of using time well, I wish that Yoga and meditation techniques give you access to tools to make you use your time for your self development and well-being. I do my best to ensure that each Yoga session is a qualitative time that you take for yourself. 
Class after class, you will meet again your inner qualities and learn exercises to feel good every day on the physical, mental and spiritual level.
Authenticity is a quality that characterizes me, I always listen to my students, I am able to know what suits you and I rely on my years of teaching experience to help you the best.
I created naturally a natural bond with my students, I want to help anyone joining my classes to feel thee we benefits of Yoga.
I am at your disposal to book your lesson, Emmanuelle +33643128713