I have been taking yoga classes with Emmanuelle for more than ten years, some of which at her yoga center near Saint Tropez, and some of which private classes at my home.  

Regarding the group classes in her wonderful space at the Jardin de la Piboule near Saint Tropez, Emmanuelle has managed to create a real community of enthusiastic practitioners of all levels.  Walking through the organic farm to her dedicated yoga space, along a pathway flanked by rows of rose bushes, and then participating in classes that combine strength, spirituality and serenity, pretty much defines the yoga dream.  Emmanuelle’s peaceful manner, her kind encouragement, and her grounded technique make her a superb yoga teacher.  It’s no surprise that she has a faithful local following.   

In terms of private classes, Emmanuelle has tailored personalized classes to the needs of my group (myself, family members and friends) on numerous occasions over the past decade.  These have always been special events appreciated by all.  I’m aware that Emmanuelle has created close bonds with other individuals and families in the Saint Tropez region and beyond, who ask for her personalized services year after year.  This is a testament to the magic that happens when Emmanuelle creates unique yoga experiences for individuals, families or groups in their homes.