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The benefits of yoga:

  • A flexible and healthy body
  • A peaceful mind
  • Improve and develop concentration skills
  • Leads towards self development
  • Develop richer personal relationships

What students say:

Yoga has relieved all my back pain that appeared when I was pregnant. What a relief! Thank you.
Céline, Sainte-Maxime
The yoga classes allow me to recenter myself on what is essential, I feel a real sensation of peace and the effects after during the week are very positive.
Natacha, Saint-Tropez
Wonderful moments shared with men and women full of generosity and happy to practice with our lovely teacher, thank you…
Fabienne, Saint-Tropez
I learnt how to relax and to breathe again.
Sabine, Grimaud
I am not ill anymore during the winter time since I started yoga.
Sophie, Gassin