This is a yogi soup suggestion that will bring you what you need and keep you warm during the winter:

Squash potimarron, Butternut and Sweet Potato from the Piboule’s Garden in Cogolin, grown together by Yann Ménard, in the most organic way.

A delicious soup with a chestnut taste!

Boil the butternut and potimaron squash together in a pan and boil the sweet potatoes separately because they have a quick cooking time compared to the squash.

When you can prick them easily with a knife, it means that they are ready. Remove the seeds from the squash, mix the squash with their skin. However remove the skin from the sweet potatoes. Put everything in your blender with a little bit water and mix!

And Enjoy hot in a pretty bowl.

For the gourmands you can add a little bit of butter, or a teaspoon of cream, or a little bit of olive oil. Sprinkle with sesame seeds or other cereal seeds you may fancy, to add your personal note, the seeds are rich in protein, very good for you if you are vegeterian.

Bon Appétit!


potimarrons, butternut et patate douce