It was a first time for us yoginis to have the honor and the joy to welcome a musician at the yoga greenhouse to bring live music to our practice.

Mike Dürigen, aka Caisaman, played its steel harp during the class and it was a real treat for the ears and for the mind.

Traveling musician throughout Europe, originally from Frankfurt, Germany, anchored in Maastricht when not traveling on the roads, Mike Düriden goes from village to village, playing on street markets, flea markets, offers to organise living room concerts as well as playing during yoga classes.

It was a privilege for us this morning having him giving us a private concert during our yoga practice. Live music adds an extra dimension to the sensations during and after practice.

The vibrations of the sound of the instrument and the melody played, enter directly into our body and soul, staying for a long time in the cells of the body, which is a different effect from the sound of music played from a CD or another source.

sirsasna with Mike


We are already looking forward to a new session with him, and until then we will listen to his CD for sure, to feel transported again by the beautiful tracks of its metal harp.

Caisaman CD

Caisaman’s websire:

Mike introduces us to his steel harp:
and more videos to watch on youtube!