Yoga at work:

Yoga classes within the company after a day of work and / or during a break is a perfect way to recharge the batteries and relax the mind. It is a moment of sport and relaxation to reduce stress and refresh.

Description of a class:

  • We begin with a few minutes of relaxation during which we focus on the breathe.
  • The session of gentle exercises and stretching then begins, they provide an immediate feeling of wellbeing, tensions in the body and in the mind progressively disappear.
  • The session ends with a deep relaxation to fully recharge and leave fresh and relaxed.

Materials needed: a few yoga mats. The place: a spacious room with a window. Dress: comfortable, yoga is practiced preferably barefoot.

A yoga class is an opportunity to have a moment of silence through the work of the body and breath related to the mind. Practiced regularly, yoga is excellent for maintaining good health, it develops concentration and contributes to a harmonious development of personality.

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