The healing power of dance

Dancing is part of us as human beings, we should dance regularly because it brings lightness and joy in the body and the mind.

This picture in French says: “Never under estimate the healing power of dancing like crazy in your house on your favorite song” which is very true!


Shiva Rea opened my eyes with the practice of Prana Flow Yoga

Shiva Rea reminds in her teaching about the healing power of synchronized movement with the breath. As a dancer and a yogini, she created Prana Flow Yoga to include the dancing movement in the yoga practice to remove all tensions and let the energy flows.


As well as the art of dance, she connects us with our body language to express itself reminding us that every posture, or every gesture in life, is a mudra, meaning a form of expression, expresses our relationship to the world and releases energy to communicate.

Siva Rea created Yoga Transe Dance sessions to let the body free all tension and conditionement through free dancing.

Gloria Abélian organizes Yoga and Soufi Dance workshops in Paris, to let our inner dancer be.

gloria yoga

This is her website to know more about her:

gloria stage

To conlude, until we seei each other next at the yoga class, I propose you to dance at home with me and Bénédicte on “Happy” Pharrell Williams with this first video for the launch of my channel dedicated to yoga and wellness on Youtube: