When stepping off the plane, off the train, off the bus, or out of the car, a certain amount of trust and control are always present. Having the control of knowing you’ve planned everything to the best of your knowledge and trusting yourself to let all of it go so the adventure can flow.

Once onto the street, into the forest, onto the beach, onto the mountain or wherever, you must have the eyes of an adventurer. We must be the newcomer, innocent and curious, all the while trusting ourselves to remember our plan and to take in everything that comes.

This is a great way to travel, but could it be a great way to live everyday of our lives, too? Everyday we wake up and step onto the floor, we could have the mind frame to ask ourselves, what adventure will I have today? Then we proceed to be an alert and present person going with the flow of the day. All the while checking in on how we feel at every turn.

This is parallel to all yoga classes because we can’t go into a yoga class thinking we want to have the same experience we had last week. We must be present with our mind and flow with our bodies to every next moment. We must be trusting that all the control we need is in the cycle of breathing. Always releasing the remaining need to control because we trust ourselves to have chosen the right class based on the knowledge we had at the time.

We can also bring yoga and the metaphor of living a daily adventure back to our everyday lives. When we’re going to the market, going to a meeting, going to work, going to a restaurant or going shopping. In yoga, teachers suggest asanas or poses for us to do. We then trust ourselves to go on that adventure with our bodies. Once in the pose, we ask ourselves with hyper sensitivity how we feel. If we could be mindful enough in our daily lives to ask ourselves beyond breakfast to see our life as adventure after adventure, maybe we could feel as good as we do after a yoga class after work.

How do we get that level of mindfulness?

We practice it in every yoga class and the awakening of the mind becomes more and more connected. Until one day we are able to recognize that we’re being mindful and adventurous in our daily lives.

Living in the south of France, I am prone to thinking about living an adventure, but even I forget as daily routines take over.

Last week, I decided to go buy some honey that my organic store was out of directly at the apiculture’s. With the address and confusing directions in hand, I proceeded to drive.

I found myself on the side of a mountain and thought I was lost because it was already 2 times longer than explained. Beginning to worry, I remembered to breathe and I opened my eyes to letting go. I turned the music louder and realized I was truly on an adventure.

45 minutes later, I found the hamlet village and the old white bearded smiling honey maker. Bees were flying everywhere and the honey I tasted was sweeter than from the store. The apiculturist and I shared a wonderful conversation about American folk music after I asked him if he had any available songs for a friend of mine.

*I realized, while driving only 20 minutes home, in that experience the adventurer mind frame is about being present or in the flow of yoga in life itself. It’s our approach to all moments that could be with full presence and fully letting go. Only then does the yoga practice leave the mat or class to be found and practiced out in our world. This is what 20 years of practicing yoga has taught me and this is how I want to LIVE in my life.

Inhale… Exhale…

Article by Vanessa Blair, Yoga teacher at Pure Nature Yoga and Worldwide.