My first encounter with this book was in London in 1999 when Dami, one of my best friend, adviced me to read it. This book became very popular worldwide from the moment it was published in 1993 because it deals with the global awakening of consciousness of humanity and the story talks to everyone’s heart I guess. Dami gave it to me in English because she had in her library. I started reading it but missing dedication at the time, I postponed my reading to later.

Ten years later the book crossed my path again through friends who read it and saw in Peru the new spiritual center of the world. The country to go for spiritual seekers and yogis. Already committed body and mind on the path of yoga, I planned to read it.

Five years later, a friend tells me that this book changed her life and her vision. I decided to read it as soon as possible.

A few weeks later I found my English book of the prophecy and left it in my yoga studio on the table in the reception before starting a class. An English student asked me if she could borrow it and I replied: “Yes, of course,” asking her to tell me what she thought of it after. She handed it back to me feeling delighted.

Some time later my boyfriend told me having read me the book in 2000 and it greatly influenced him, much more than other readings, this is also why he considered having yoga classes in our garden to give more positive energy to the plants so they would grow and develop the best possible.

Six months later a student gave me this book in french because she thought I should really read it.

Pushed by destiny I had to read it, I had no excuses, it was French and my handbag.

I will remember the following messages from reading this beautiful story:

  • The energy and the intention that we put into our projects allow them to be achieved.

  • The energy exchanged between human beings is not a myth: people who are not in tune with themselves will seek the energy of others to strengthen and to dominate, to feel alive, whereas people who are in peace with themselves, acting for the common good, will give energy, recharge and revitalize others. Their company will make you feel well, simply.

  • Every meeting means something and is not just by chance, there is a message behind every meeting for our evolution.

  • Mankind will evolve into a new era, spiritual and focus on the world wellbeing, power and love for money will disappear and the energy will be used and channeled to serve the Earth

  • Coincidences don’t happen by chance and the Universe sends us messages that we need to decode, the Universe shakes us and pushes us to question our evolution

Many thoughts of the book reminded me the philosophy of yoga texts and that’s why I put it into light today on my blog.

This book helped me a lot on a personal level to overcome something that weakened me a lot lately, and it increasingly continued to light my way, so it was the right time for me to read it.

However, do not wait like me to read the book if it calls you, read it now, its messages are very powerful.

Thanks to Dami at Sereena, Yann, and Chantal for pushing me to read this beautiful book.