4 tow hours and a half workshops guided by Nico Luce, internationally known yoga teacher, leaves energizing sensations impregnated into the body, the mind and spirit, over time.

Nico’s second visit at the yoga greenhouse has again, convinced many new people.

Second time for students who were here last year, first time for newcomers, the experience was for everyone, amazing!

Together we have sweat in Vinyasa flow style, studied the biomechanical anatomy of the body to understand both how to strengthen and stretch, and carefully listened the myths and legends of the Ramayana, to discover the philosophy of the sacred texts of India about the existence and evolve through our lives like a traveler in search of wisdom.

plank pause

side plank variation


Telling of the legends of the Ramayana, the sacred Indian mythology, to introduce every workshop, in order to guide and inspire our practice on the yoga mat, pranayama and meditation on a mantra to conclude the session to let the light and solutions come to the mind, before a long regenerating relaxation to end, is the universal style of yoga taughted by Nico.

To know all about Nico Luce and to find out where will be his next yoga retreats around the world, visit his website:


And dicover his classes online on GaiamTV http://www.gaiamtv.com/



Thank you again Nico and to all the participants for these wonderful 3 days epic journey!



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