Pure Nature Yoga, who are we ?

Emerge from ” Narayani ” – which means ” all positive qualities ” in Sanskrit – Pure Nature Yoga is a little yoga school based in the middle of nature in Cogolin, near Saint-Tropez.

” Yoga ” means “union ” in Sanskrit. The art of Yoga is the union of the breath, the body and the mind, this is when the state of Yoga begins. When one reaches this union we feel a union with the universe and a state of serenity.

Our team wishes to convey, to rebound and to maintain the positive qualities that everyone has already within, so that everyone can live a happy and peaceful life, in harmony with the Universe.

It is through teaching yoga and artistic techniques such as singing, through organizing meetings and workshops about nutrition and various topics about wellbeing that we want to accomplish our mission.

Based in Saint -Tropez and Paris, our team is available to serve your Being !