Annetta, yogini friend from across the world, had the kindest attention to offer me a seed of lotus flower

Infinitely grateful and touched by her present the idea to create a pond for it to grow came to my mind.

When I expressed my wish to my boyfriend, peasant, gardener nature lover, he looked at me with wide eyes and said: “For a single flower?” and I replied: “Of course it is a lotus flower!!!”

Back down to earth I realized that this could be the project for several plants, we agreed to create a pool for water lilies, my lotus flower, papyrus and other beautiful aquatic plants, and from there came the desire to make a garden for herbs to make infusions and decorate the garden with a beautiful diversity of plants.

We went to look for stones that were on the edge of cultivated fields with a truck kindly lent by a neighbor and presto, we loaded and unloaded stones near the yoga garden.

Then, guided by my imagination, vizualisation, guided by the fairies, I rolled up my sleeves and arranged the beautiful stones to create this garden born from the idea of ​​the Lotus seed.

The land is ready for planting many plants in the coming weeks, and I’m ready to give my Lotus seed the special care it needs before being put into water – which will be subject to a future article!

The philosophy of Yoga says that a thought is like a seed, if you cultivate it it will blossom.

The Lotus flower is the symbol of the awaking of consciousness in the sacred scriptures, this is probably why my Lotus seed has inspired me so much since Annetta sent it to me as a present from the heart.