“Narayani Yoga” has a new name: “Pure Nature Yoga”.

As you may know, “Narayani” is a Sanskrit word that means “all positive qualities”.

I was honored to receive this spiritual name at the begining of my new life as a yoga teacher at the Sivananda Yoga ashram where I did my first teacher training course. I continued to cultivate the meaning of this name in my daily life ever since. I still continue of course the best I can, through the practice of the spiritual system of Yoga and its asanas. Life has lead me since to create a yoga center in the heart of nature, in a greenhouse in the middle of an organic vegetable garden created by a man passionate about nature and organic cultures.

So today, in the heart of winter 2015, “Narayani Yoga” becomes “Pure Nature Yoga” to be more rooted in its time and its environment.