Yoga teacher settled in the region of Saint-Tropez since 5 years now, I have had the chance to meet students who come to the classes all year round as well as students who come only during the summer or during the winter time.

I share with every student a part of their lives and a part of mine. Yoga creates a special connection between students and teachers because Yoga is a work of awaking the consciousness, a process that everyone experiences from the very first class.

Yoga is the only system that starts from the body to awaken the consciousness.

I meet students who come regularly to the lessons thirsty for pratice and knowledge, and less regular students who come time to time.

As a yoga teacher I am also the witness of lives transformations, because Yoga transforms the lives of those who want to see a change happening in their lives, but don’t know how to do because of the conditioning they are stuck in. The practice of Yoga accelerates the desires for changes and make them happen. Yoga and meditation lead to questioning and changes.

I teach Sivananda Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow and I begin with teaching to be aware of the breath because breathing is the key to the door of this journey to knowing the Self, who we really are.

The breath guides us through the exercises, the breath becomes a flow of energy called Prana, or Chi in Chinese medicine. Prana is the energy that surrounds us and animates the Universe.

During a session at sunrise on the beach this summer, a student told me: “It takes so much efforts Emmanuelle to focus on the inhale and the exhale!”. I laughed so much hearing this statement from this student, intellectual and always so focused, I was astonished to hear her telling me this.

Yoga offers all the tools to wake up the mind and to lead to meet our true self and controling the breath is the first tool.

Osho, guru of modern India, explains clearly that the light is inside us, that everyone has a diamond inside, and this light, this diamond, will not be found searching outisde, we can go all around the world, travel to all places and never meet our inner light, it is an inner journey that will take us to meet our light.

Yoga provides the tools to go to find this light, and to live a life in accordance to our personality, tastes, qualities … in agreement with who we truly are.

This inner light is often buried under “layers of mud”, explains Osho, which are for example: fears, the mind, the geo, our education, conditionement, ignorance, emotions, information we received continuously, etc …

When we are freed from these “layers of mud” we manage to see things clearly.

Thus we no longer accept what is useless, you never want to lose time for superficial things, we want to use our time in a correct and sensible way.

I am happy to teach the art of Yoga, it is my passion, it made me know myself and delivered me from depression in the past, Yoga freed me and made me understand many things. It’s also a huge responsibility to be a teacher because being here for students during their change of life once it occurs is another task, I can advise as much as I can, but my job is primarily to be a teacher, to provide the tools (meditation, book studies and exercices) to continue the journey towards personal development.

I always suggest to students to go to follow a teacher training course if they can because they will discover all the practical tools of Yoga and the philosophy, if they know how to listen, understand and practice them later in life. Everything is there, simple, accessible.

When we are in peace with ourself we are in peace with others, we are no longer dominated by the mind and emotions, we live peacefully and harmoniously, we are less fragile, we learn the correct detachment, we learn compassion for others and fear disappear.

This inner journey requires as much effort as to concentrate on breathing, which is the connection to the source of life.

I wish you a beautiful journey towards your Diamond, your inner Light, staying grounded and connected to the outside world in order to experience its beauty and live your life the best everyday!