There are different ways leading to vital energy – Prana – and among them there is positive thinking and emotions sharing.

I want to tell you today about my friend Annetta Calisi, Yoga teacher navigating between Toronto and Los Angeles, who created a company named “Path to Prana” – which literally means “Path to the vitality.”

Annetta is a graphic designer artist and creates beautiful cards to convey messages of peace and enlightenment to the world through social networks. She also uses pictures of her followers to communicate universal messages that elevate the mind, bring a lot of well-being and inner peace.

“Path to Prana” aims to lead everyone to reach greatest vitality, happiness, because happiness is everyone birthright.

She filled me with joy and vitality when I received a greeting card from her in an enveloppe full of delicate presents, with the only purpose of feeding my soul with wellness.

We met in India during a teacher training course and since then our friendship, despite the time and distance, remained intact. She will one day give a workshop at the yoga greenhouse and I will keep you informed!

To discover her work, you can follow her on facebook: