Evening meditation

To meditate in the evening is a good way to relax the body and mind at the end of the day.

To take 10 to 20 minutes every day to meditate is a good habit that will change your life!

How can you do it?

I offered you a morning meditation in the video of the previous article, I now propose a meditation technique for the evening.

Sit on your yoga mat in a crossed leg position, you can use a support or a cushion if necessary, in order to have the back straight, in a quiet place in your home or apartment, -in a tidy area you’ll created to practice your daily meditation.

With a phone or an alarm clock set a ringtone to ring either 11, 16 or 21 minutes later, depending of the length of time you want to meditate. A timer on a smartphone with a gentle bell ring is perfect!

(At the beginning you will start with 10 minutes and you will increase gradually, to meditate is like everything in the beginning, it is very hard when we start and with practice it comes automatically.)

Then once your timer has started, start your meditation.

Focus on the regularity of your breathing and take your inside look into the space between the eyebrows, the third eye. Breathe regularly in this space.

The meditation technique I propose today for the evening is this one:

Watch the movie of your day, return to the positive and feel happy about them internally, feel grateful for these moments, and come back on what has displeased you, decide which solution to bring to avoid this situation again.

When the movie ends and brings you to the present moment, let your thoughts pass without judging, just become the observer.

Reconnect yourself always on your breathing to calm your mind if it becomes too busy and unsteady.

The little bell will ring, you will have made your meditation, and can approach the evening with serenity.

A good habit has positive effects on the very long term, you’ll see!