The awakening of consciousness of the baby begins from the first months in the womb of the mother.

Prenatal yoga classes always remind me about the importance of the relationship between the mother and her baby during the pregnancy.

Today I met three mothers in their 4th, 5th and 6th month of pregnancy for a prenatal yoga class, reminding them of the importance of conscious breathing to send a lot of vital energy to the baby – what we call “prana” in yoga – and keep them strong and supple during this important time in their lives.

Important period of life for women as future mothers, as much as for their baby already developing during these months their senses and tastes that will raise in the adult life.

Babies feel what their mothers feel, so it is important the mums live their pregnancy with serenity.

If, as a mum, you live moments of stress during your day, it does not matter, simply explain verbally to your baby why you are stressed and that stressful situation can be part of life, that it will pass and that it is not his or her fault. Stresfull times are part of life, like moments of great happiness.

Why is it important to talk to your baby?

You can talk to your baby as early and as often as possible, hearing is the most developed sense of the baby in the womb of the mother.

Babies love the sound of your voice and the voice of the father. Babies love to hear you singing and the mantra OM that you can sing at any time by placing your hands on your belly, to awake the sense of touch and connect even more with your baby.

You can ask your Mum what were her activities when she was pregnant, you will understand more who you are today!

When my mother was pregnant with me, among other activities, she told me that she often talked to me and made long walks in nature, admiring flowers and beautiful sceneries, she wanted to lay her eyes on what was beautiful, and breathe the air of the countryside and the sea, filling herself of only good things to feed myself of the world’s beauty in which I was about to happen. This revelation made me understand better my love for nature and wellness, and many other things too. I thank her for bringing me these gifts from the first weeks of my life.

For parents interested in this topic, a conference with Heike Taurines, specialist of prenatal education will take place Friday, March 27 from 14:30 to 17:00 at the greenhouse yoga garden of Piboule in Cogolin. Contact me to have all the information.