Working during the summmer on the French Riviera, when the influx of tourists is so dense that the work is ongoing and under high pressure, is challenging for the body and the mind, but it is possible to keep sereine and well!

How to prepare best for a new season and stay healthy and motivated? How to bound a team for the season for everyone to feel good, in great shape, motivated and serene?

A yoga session together at the Yoga greenhouse, 6 km from Saint-Tropez, behind Port Grimaud, can be a moment of great exchanges, strengthening and deep relaxation to offer your team in a perfectly relaxing setting.

The yoga class begins with a meditation on a personal intention that one wishes for this new season, always positive and kept inside. Like a mantra that is repeated to feel good.

This thought may be, for example :

“I am perfectly able to remain calm during the events throughout the season.”

Meditation on positive thinking , personal and formulated inside, opens the yoga session. Everyone reconnects to itself.

Then come the sequences with strengthening exercises and stretching, breathing practices to be aware of the breath and the benefits of the control of the breathe. The class is suitable for all levels.

Finally, it ends with a group exercise that involve the entire team in a united spirit , before the traditional final relaxation at the end of each yoga class.

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Namasté ! (I greet the light that shines in you)