To practice yoga during your pregnancy is a moment of well-being that you share with your baby.

Your baby can feel your emotions and will share what you live in the outside world. What are the reasons for doing prenatal yoga?

• to be connected to your baby

• to keep a strong and flexible body throughout pregnancy

• to prepare yourself for childbirth with confidence.


To be connected to your baby

Breathing mindfully while practicing yoga brings a lot of vital energy to the baby, the exercises stimulate the baby also living a special moment together and the relaxation at the end is full of benefits for the mum and the baby.

The singing of OM mantra during the yoga sessions bring to the baby very positive vibrations and babies love the sound of the voice of the mother.

The practice of meditation and positive thinking has a direct influence on the awakening of the consciousness of the little being in development.

To keep a strong and flexible body throughout pregnancy:

Body changes associated with pregnancy can cause back pain, special yoga exercises and the deep stretches prevent or heal those pain.

Thus you live serenely your pregnancy and prepare your body for childbirth. The diet that the science of yoga recommends, which is to eat organic food and ideally vegetarian, brings to the mum and to the baby the right nutriments.

Preparing for childbirth with confidence :

Breathing through the nose is learnt through yoga classes and is recommended when giving birth.

The exercises performed during the classes are aiming to relax the body at the opening of the pelvis, to keep abdominal muscles strong which is important even during pregnancy, they have to be done guided by a teacher. Prenatal yoga is a way to create a direct link with the baby and to prepare the little child to come to the world peacefully. Prenatal education have a significant influence on adult life. Marie -Andrée Bertin , author of the book ” Natural prenatal education ” begins his book by referring to the traditional practices of prenatal education : ” Ancient civilizations : Egyptian , Hindu, Celtic, African , Native American and others already knew the importance of the founding period of the human being and the influence of the environment on its first sitting. They were looking carefully after mothers, parental couple for the prenatal life, in the best possible conditions. ” In China, there are over a thousand years , specialized clinics welcomed pregnant women to go through pregnancy with confidence and surrounded by beauty. During your pregnancy, contemplate the beauty around you, talk to your baby and live moments of beauty and joy together.