Lady Eva Houstoun-Boswall, yoga teacher friend of mine and assisting her husband to run their restaurant Treasure Sands Club in Abaco in the Bahamas, had the amazing idea a year ago to create an organic garden that would provide food for the restaurant, missing fresh and local products on the island.


The project turned into a project to provide food for the local community, grocer and several other restaurants, and she also launched a farm-to-pre school community project with the generous contribution of the Treasure Sand Club restaurant’s guests. Thus the students learing about organic crops are also able to enjoy a healthy, nutritious school lunch every day.


Lady Eva recently sent us news showing that it is possible to grow food on the Bahamas Islands:

“We are on our way…. communing and cooperating in love with our nature spirits and plants is a celebration! Our local grocer is already buying our lettuce. Valentines dinner launch of Bahama woodstar salad was a divine success! We have bought biodegradable and compostable kraft boxes to retail our produce in, and we’re composting with organic waste from our restaurant TSC, mulch from our trees chippings, and 2000 worms on the way to help the alchemy happen… awe!

In spring we will do our first permaculture workshop for the community so it’s really exciting!

IMG_3508 IMG_3505

I love the advice you and Yann gave me to listen and pay attention to hear the plants and know what their needs are to feel respected, loved and appreciated!

I’m teaching one yoga class a week to some of our staff at Treasure Sands Club. I love teaching and holding space, it’s a simple joy!


I’m going to try growing wild flowers in spring.

I love the parallel of our gardens!”

The parallel of our gardens is that here in the south of France, Yann – my boyfriend – grows and provides organic fruits and vegetables in Cogolin near Saint-Tropez to the local community by delivering weekly baskets, sell on location at the entrance of the garden, on the local markets and deliver the best restaurants in Saint-Tropez, and from september this year the local high school canteen.


I teach yoga classes to everyone who want to do yoga under my green house on the garden and the students can see how everything is grown, can buy after the class or help and pick up what they want in return of their help. Two gardens growing under different hemisphere to celebrate life, working with consciousness and bring us back to connect with Nature.

Nico 3 yoga et légumes

To know how Lady Eva Houstoun-Boswall’s project started, read the previous article here: Yoga Teacher and Earth protector Lady Eva Marie Houstoun-Boswall creates an organic farm in the Bahamas to answer the necessity for fresh and local food.